crop alexGod has a plan for all of us—that’s what my parents taught me.

They wanted the plan to work so badly that when I told them I was gay they sent me to the Utah desert to strangers who promised they could change me.

I was beaten and told God could not love me as I am.

But what made me different also made me strong.  I would need that strength to get out, find my voice, go home, and tell my story.

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“Alex Cooper’s story is a call to action—we must put a stop to this brutal practice of conversion therapy and ensure that every child is embraced for who they are in their homes, schools, and communities.” —Chad Griffin, president, Human Rights Campaign

“Alex’s engrossing and shocking story is the triumph of courage, authenticity, and hope over shame, bigotry, and ignorance. This nightmare is a key reason we will soon succeed in ending the cruel and dangerous practice of conversion therapy.” —Kate Kendell, executive director, National Center for Lesbian Rights

“Alex Cooper fought a fierce battle for dignity, identity, and family. Saving Alex is an inspiring story of a queer youth discovering her courage and raising her voice. In so doing, she liberates us all.” —Troy Williams, executive director, Equality Utah

“Expressive, moving, and honest . . . Cooper’s story demonstrates how it is possible to endure and prevail.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Suspenseful, well-written, compelling, eloquent . . . Alex’s horrifying story is one that needs to be heard. It is encouraging proof that, as Alex is told, things do get better.” Booklist, Starred review

“Affecting, harrowing . . . Alex’s story calls all readers to do more for vulnerable youth and provides an example of how to not be consumed by anger and hate toward an abusive version of religion.”  –Publisher’s Weekly

“I am grateful Alex has shared her story, so others can see the dangers of ‘conversion therapy,’ and learn what LGBT youth need most of all: unconditional love and support.” —Congresswoman Jackie Speier

“The story of Alex Cooper is both unique and, sadly, all too true for
far too many LGBT young people who face a hostile family, religious
tradition, or both when they simply lay claim to who they are.
Thankfully, this is also a story of a brave young woman who received
crucial support and expert legal assistance to retrieve her dignity,
her independence, and even her family.”–Mary Bonauto, Civil Rights Project Director, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders

“I empathize with Alex’s fear of losing everything important, but her story will help pave the road for more young people to accept who they are, and hopefully for families to understand how to better love their gay and lesbian children. A brave and important book.” —Robbie Rogers, professional soccer player for LA Galaxy and author of Coming Out to Play